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Innovative Technology for Environmental Management

Elemental Air, LLC

Elemental Air is an environmental services company providing air emission source testing, edr and xml services, environmental consulting, and software.  Elemental Air offers services and products that include comprehensive environmental collaboration management software, sale of emission testing equipment and software, and continuous emission monitors designed to provide batch measurements on a continuous basis for Hg, PM + Cond, HCl, NH3, and metals.

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Medina, Minnesota

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We would like to extend an invitation to visit us at our corporate office located in Medina, Mn. We would love to show you around.  


Elemental Air, LLC. Is a collection of science, design, and engineering skills put together to provide environmental services for clients that are regulated by state and federal emission standards.  We pride ourselves on creating unique designs to increase testing accuracy and efficiency for monitoring of air emissions.  It is the primary goal to continue to develop methods to increase accuracy as emission limits continue to become more restrictive. Understanding that all methods cannot achieve the same level of accuracy for all applications it is our goal to provide testing services that not only comply with the government standards but provide accuracy that uniquely conforms to the goals of each project.  Technology is the basis by which Elemental Air conducts business.  With skilled software and equipment design capabilities our mission is to provide customized products and services to best match the needs of our clients.  

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