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2H2 + O2 → 2H2O + Q

ASTM D-7036-04 Compliant Air Emission Testing Body (AETB)

Source Testing Services

We pride ourselves on uniquely designed testing equipment that increases accuracy and efficiency as emission limits continue to become more restrictive. Understanding that all methods cannot achieve the same level of accuracy for all applications we provide testing services that not only comply with the government standards but conform to the goals of each project. Technology is the basis by which Elemental Air conducts business. With skilled software and equipment design capabilities our mission is to provide customized products and services to best match the needs of our clients.   

Utilizing modern technology in our systems we provide fully automated continuous measurements for wide host of emission methods such as EPA, CARB, SCAQMD, SW, ASTM, and NIOSH for engineering and compliance purposes.   Our trained staff includes QSTI certified project managers that meet the requirements for Part 75 emission testing.  Elemental Air offers our MAPS software to our emission testing contract customers free of charge that essentially provides a on-line data room for multi-user collaborative environmental management to current and historical data.

Innovation and Technology for Low Level Air Measurements

Testing, Consulting, Engineering, Custom Software, Audits

Testing Products and Services

Specialty products offered by Elemental Air include our environmental management software system for effective environmental collaboration. This cloud based, highly secure management system allows for multi-user real time collaboration.

Large scale research and performance guarantee projects with complex environmental monitoring goals are our specialties.  We are experts at multi-location sampling with our wireless or RS-485 network of automated samplers makes sampling simultaneously at 10 plus location a simple task.  

Development of unique monitoring equipment and measurement techniques to include new methods such as CTM-039 for condensable particulate matter by dilution, FTIR measurement, advanced automated 3D flow profiling for optimized flow.

Cond Dilution Method


Hg On-site Analysis

On-Site GC Analysis

Elemental Air will provide a detailed quotation for your emission testing needs.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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Continuous Iso Correction

Auto Method 5 Iso System

Real time calculated and automated sampling console for M5 type methods including paired train ASTM D-7036 audits

Auto 2D/3D Flow System

Remotely controlled 2, 2F, 2G, 2H control console for automated measurements and all digital data collection.  High Precision

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Digital Yaw/Pitch Measurements

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